The Power of Change

This week in class, we learned about design activism and social entrepreneurship and how implementing these concepts into our daily lives can make for a bigger and better outcome on the ways in which we view our world. By the end of this week, I really began to feel extremely inspired by the ways that we can make our world a better place by simply shifting the way that we think and how we go about our daily lives. I began to realize that change is so beneficial in making our world a better place and I also believe that the root of both design activism and social entrepreneurship is change, a change in thinking and a change in how we live our lives.

Discovering the aspects of design activism this week began when we were asked to read an article entitled Scoping the Territory: Design, Activism, and Sustainability written by Fuad-Luke. I found this article rather difficult to completely understand, but one of the things that I thought was the most interesting while reading was the way in which activism was defined. Activism was said to bring about or encourage change and that it can also involve transformation of individuals. Reading this definition really made me think about how change, in and of itself, is a two-fold action. True change requires the ability to identify the fact that change is not only a shift in action for our world, but it also involves a change in who we are. I also really liked the point that Fuad-Luke made about the motivation of activists and how activists can be driven by altruism and selflessness, which I think is a large motivator for change.

So when I was watching the movie “Who Cares” in class this week, the idea of design activism and change being implemented for the greater good really inspired me. It was so amazing to watch the social entrepreneurs in the video use their desire for social change to actively put their dreams in action and contribute to helping to change our world for the better. One of the things that I wrote about on my notes sheet that I found the most interesting was the fact that change is a large contributor for implementing social entrepreneurship, and a term that crossed my mind while I watched this: social activist. I began to see a connection between a social entrepreneur and a social activist and the connection is the simple desire for change in our world. I believe that this term really summarizes the idea of both design activism and social entrepreneurship.

Along with the introduction to social entrepreneurship and activism, we got to play a really interestingly fun game called New Heroes. In this game, we were given certain two sustainable ideas to choose from and I chose the Crafty Clothing option to implement. We were also given certain scenarios that we could choose to further launch our idea. As a result, I ended being a Super Social Entrepreneur, which I thought was pretty cool :). It was pretty interesting to put ourselves in the shoes of a social entrepreneur and get to take an awesome idea that could benefit communities for the good and put our own spin on it.

This week I felt that I had already learned a lot about design activism and social entrepreneurship, but I am really excited to learn more about how social entrepreneurship and design activism can help us become inspired to shift the way that we view our world.

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1 Response to The Power of Change

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    A solid reflection! What is the viability of these concepts to your field? What really works and what does not, in your opinion?

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