We Can Do It!

“Design is the act of deliberately moving from an existing situation to a preferred one by professional designers or others applying design knowingly or unknowingly.”

                                                -Fuad Luke

 This week was about Design Activism and Social Entrepreneurship.  The reading Design, Activism, and Sustainability by Fuad Luke pointed out that “Design is manifested in all facets of contemporary life.”  This assertion has never occurred to me before, but when you look around at your environment you can see how true it is.  Almost everything we own has been designed by someone.  He also states that everyone is a designer, whether they do it on purpose or not, and that it is a natural thing for us to create.  The video about Social Entrepreneurship we watched in class pointed out the same thing that anyone can create or make change. I think that is the most important thing we learned this week.  We do not have to be great and powerful people to make a change.  All we need is a great idea and a way to implement it.

The video we watched in class had many examples of Social Entrepreneurs who did just that.  My favorite examples were KIVA, and the community money bank.  Both incorporated ways to deal with poverty in foreign countries.  I felt the community money bank was very innovative and was a great way to get money flow back to poor communities.  I also enjoyed how involved anyone could get in KIVA, just a small donation could change someone’s life across the world.

The New Heroes game told me that I was a “Super Social Entrepreneur.”  It said “I don’t stop at the big idea-I move mountains to try and make it work.”  That made me feel good about myself but I feel like if I were to ever do anything like this I would have to be less timid about things and really go at my idea.  The design direction that it took me on was a project to help a poverty stricken country buy allowing women to work at home creating woven garments to sell.  I feel this was a great idea but I can’t help to think about things I hear at my job a lot.  Many of the customers are only interested in American made products.  Many think they are better quality and so they won’t buy imported products when those products could possibly be helping a community in need.  I want to know more about importing products to help communities like this in order to inform American consumers on these products and possibly change their perceptions.

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