Humans.. Shame On Us

This week in class new aspects of sustainability were presented to us. We read “Closing the Loops” which explained how we should run a business like a redwood forest. We also looked at an article discussing life cycle energies and environmental performance of buildings. The life cycle article used all aspects of the building including materials and construction to calculate energy life cycle of a building and it’s impact on the earth. They mentioned that this type of research is done done readily, which I found very interesting. It seems like there should be more done to completely understand what we are doing to the earth. The thought of how many buildings we have created and thinking about there waste when we are done has never entered my thoughts before this. What they concluded from this research was that sustainability needs to start from the beginning phase of construction. Just adding sustainable operations will only fix part of the problem. Material selection and renewable sources should be looked at as well as how often things will need to be replaced. Even though this may cost more and cause burdens end the end they can work in our favor.

“Closing the Loops” discussed that we need to run like a redwood forest. Their relevance to nature went parallel to the carbon activity in class. Through that activity we easily saw how humans messed up the environment! What clicked in my head was how the natural environment figured out how to thrive on it’s own, we humans changed everything and now the earth is suffering. I like the idea of looking to nature to answer some of our problems. We should be doing more of this and I would like to explore more options and ways to learn from nature. We need to take a step back and live with the environment not just use it. We need to be less like a ragweed to be able to thrive like a redwood.

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    A solid reflection and great use of the readings! One of the factors not addressed in the building’s LCA was furniture, a big component to ID practice. To what extent do you think this might change the LCA equation or findings if that had been included?

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