This weeks reading emphasized the cradle-to-cradle approach through two material flows: biological mass and technological (industrial) mass.  William McDonald and Michael Braungart suggests adopting an bioneer lifestyle of leaving behind your leftovers in a helpful way! As nomadic cultures in the past have done so in the past, we should “leave behind our biological wastes to replenish soil”. This week during one of the LOLA show presentations, one of my peers took note that in Spain household gardens are already being used widely and have been for centuries. Is it not curious that it is not EVERYONE in the world that has not caught on to the in tune processes with nature.

“They began to take more and more nutrients from the soil and to eat up resources (such as trees) without replacing them at an equal rate.” This seems to pin point the exact problem from which our society is struggling today. I seem to have found this applying to many other facets of life such as our diets of human being. Our diet and digestive system is just like that of nature. Our bodies (kind of like cradle to cradle) are ever changing! When someone is trying to be healthier, they tend to eat smaller portions and fill themselves with more nutritious food options. This healthy food gives us energy to fuel us and get us through the day. This is just like that of nature and not wasting resources. We only get one body right? We also only get one earth and depending on how we replenish that one earth determines how long it lives and functions for us here on earth.

This week during LOLA there was a perfect example of this applied to design. The Eastgate Building in Zimbabwe was designed to mimic the functionality of termites. The building was built specifically to adapt to the earth and weather conditions of that city by maximizing sun exposure and using the night air as a cooling system. It is the adaptation that I feel like really copies the processes of nature biomicry. “Our systems are no longer designed to return nutrients in this way, except on small local levels.” McDonald and Braungart explained this perfectly because without the cooperation of a larger society or group, I feel as though we cannot make a life changing impact.

The biggest epiphany for me this week was that my generation has not ever really experienced times of scarcity, is this what it’s going to take to change the wasteful? I sure hope not! Until next week!

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