Re-using, Re-cycling, Re-purposing

This week in our ongoing discussion of Sustainability we begin to dig deeper and look at the aspects on how we can improve our products by reusing, recycling and repurposing. With our first reading for this week about “Closing the Loops,” this article discusses how we can improve our working conditions by reusing our resources rather than creating new ones. In a key aspect from the reading was the difference between recycling and reusing. The difference recycling and reusing is recycling is the collection and separation of a product while reusing is reclaiming the original product in different ways such as the materials that are being used. Within the industry we are always trying to find different ways to cut down costs with production. By using the methods from Cradle to Cradle we can cut cost by reusing resources.

This week we had the LOLA show and I got to finally understand some of the ways that industrial ecology is related to our field of study…FASHION. Some of my favorites from the show were the Sharklet technologies. I found this to be very interesting in how the have mimicked shark skin that helps to keep bacteria from sticking to them. A team of scientists found a technology that replicates their skin pattern and with this film like product it can be used mainly in the medical and restaurant fields to help with bacteria from spreading. Another interesting segment of the show was the Nike DyeCOO which is a treatment that is now being used by Nike to cut the amount of water that is being used in the dying of clothes. They came up with a chemical free dying process that uses CO2 rather than water. This will save up to 95% of their water costs. I found this to be very impactful for the fashion industry and I hope that this concept and others like it will start becoming more popular so that designers can be more sustainable.

We also had a special guest that came and talked to us about G-diapers. G-diapers are the first C2C diaper product that is sold. Which means everything that goes into their disposal diaper inserts can be absorbed back into the eco-system. So with the disposable inserts, you can turn your waste into a resource by composting the diapers. I found this concept to be very relatable to my life right now. My sister in law is due any day with a new baby girl. She wanted something different than the traditional diaper so we began research on what else might be out there and came across G-Diapers. She found the website and did her researched and found that this is the product that she had been looking for, so she decided to give it a go. I thought this was quite a coincidence since I had just researched the product and then this week we learned all the benefits to a composting diaper. Now don’t get me wrong this is not exactly what I would have in mind when the time comes for me to have a child…but to each their own is what I always say. I think this product is fantastic and had many great benefits.

My epiphany for this week is to be more cautious in what I throw away. I will find time to be more cautious in my recycling, reusing and repurposing of the products that I purchase. I think that the world is moving in a great direction and that if we can continue on this path of finding new and creative products that we can put back into our environment then our future won’t look so dim…

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