Rocking the Cradle

I was very intrigued by the concept of biological and technical nutrients in our Cradle to Cradle reading. Understanding those along with downcycling and recycling gave me a better grasp on how I can be sustainable in my life and what I should look for in products. I think this helpful information however I am having a hard time understanding how I could implement this into designing interiors. I feel like it is more applicable to designing soft goods, which can then be used in specifying for interiors.

These concepts were simple to understand and I think would be beneficial and easy to teach the public. Understanding that biological nutrients are things that can decompose completely and technical nutrients are things that can be used over and over again can affect how people use thing and dispose of them. I believe that Cradle to Cradle design should be paired with what we learned about future consciousness. Using materials in closed loop cycles would mean that the designer needs to be fully aware of the end use as well as how they can be disposed or reused in the future.

I was one of the presenters in the LOLA show this week and I enjoyed hearing the ideas that everybody brought to the class. I had a presentation over Sharklet which I am still interested in learning more about. I was excited about this topic and found myself telling my friends about it. This is when I had my epiphany and realized that this class alone has made me want to educate others on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle; not in a formal way but it has started the conversation with others. I am eager to see my own development in the class and how I use it in my personal growth and life.

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