What. A. Waste.

I have always been a huge optimist about wanting the help save the planet. I always talk about the idea of recycling and the idea to be sustainable; but that’s the only thing I do. I just talk the talk and do not proceed to walk the walk. I catch myself littering or not separating my trash from recyclables to non recyclables because its not second nature to me. Heck, I could even throw my food that I do not eat and could easily be given to an animal outside to help the environment, but I just don’t want to. In the reading Cradle to Cradle, it opened my eyes to see the how waste is something we say we pay attention to but do nothing about. Many products in our house, cars, and our lives are pretty much made up of materials that do not decompose. And it is out faults that we do not properly dispose of these products. The ideas and theories presented in the reading helped exploit the problems we face from improper disposing. If creators produced products that could disintegrate into these landfills, this could help relieve the stress of wasteful products from harming the soils.

Hosts in the LOLA Show presented information about Biominicry and waste products that has been produced in our society. What really caught my attention was the presentation about DesignTex. DesignTex is an innovative company that has produced fabrics/surfaces that enhance the earth’s environments. This company strives to be the world’s global resource for applied surface knowledge as well as sustainably practices. What the company does, so told by the presenter, is produced fabrics that can disintegrate into the earth’s surface and help nurture the earth’s soils. These fabrics are an exceptional idea in the fashion industry in which consumers can dispose of these fabrics in the ground as they are biodegradable. More products produced in comparison to DesignTex’s would make the consumption of fashion related products so much easier to dispose of. That way, if customers did not have an empathic attachment to a garment, for example, the product would not harm the earth when gotten rid of.

What I learned this week is different ways, instead of the example provided in class, that innovators “mimic” the world’s environmental actions to create beautiful and creative structures or products that the society can use in everyday life. These innovative and complex ideas essentially are here to steer away from the harms of dangerous chemicals and strive to use resources that will make our planet greener. Although this week has not allowed me to have a huge epiphany, I do believe that the most important thing is the essence of knowing the structures and what structures are going to be built in the future are be based off of. With a more in depth understanding of what is biominicry, the students this week can further explore their curiosity about products and arrangements inspired by our environment. I do desire to learn more about what creators have planned for the future; what structures will be assembled, what fabrics will be produced, and what products will be produced in relation to the earth’s natural structures. 

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