This past week I have discovered a new thing about myself. I am much more interested in Biology than I thought I was. However, I think it is only in a sense of design, but not just interior design. I find it extremely interesting to learn about the things that plants, animals, and environments do and to think about ways that I could solve a problem or apply it to my life. I have thought of dozens already as I have been watching Biomimicry videos on the Biomimicry 3.8 website. I would love nothing more than to enroll for the online course that they are offering and I think that I will do so after I graduate and get a job.

My sister is extremely interested in studying Botany, I think I could use that to my advantage…perhaps we could even work together.

I think that this has been an epiphany for me. I have been struggling with what exactly I would like to do in the interior design and even just the design world. I have always loved all kinds of design and so I picked one that I thought would benefit me the most and take me to the most places.

Biomimicry is extremely helpful to sustainability because it allows us to solve our problems in natural and more helpful ways than with chemicals and things that will pollute our environment and hurt our wild life.

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