Just Know it and Roll with it!

We did a lot of different things in class this week. One thing that I found important from our reading about materials maze, is that natural materials are not always better than synthetic. I think the important thing we should take from these lessons is that we as designers need to be knowledgeable about our products. It amazes me that some manufacturers can not report up to 5% of what is in the actual material. We need to ask questions and really understand what is impact we are bringing with a certain product. I didn’t know that designers could ask for the specs of a material and the manufacturer has to give them to you, we just have to know to ask. We need to analyze all the aspect of our sustainable ideas. Like service systems for example, sometimes they make other problems arise, some that may outweigh the good you are trying to accomplish. We as designers just need to take the time to understand the ins and outs of our products and designs. Service systems did interest me, as I feel most people will not take the sustainability plunge until it is convenient for them. I would like to learn of more service systems and ways to make them more appealing to society.

I also really enjoyed the visit by Erin Leitch from Biomimicry 3.5, I also went to her lecture later that night. One thing that I took away from her talks were that the universe is in a constant changing state, it is not moving to a perfect point. Everything has to adapt to the changing environment. She used the analogy of comparing this to a ball in a bowl. We as humans are sometimes like a square in a swirling bowl, we don’t move very well with the movement. But if we try to be more like a bowl, we roll with the bowl.

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