Mimicking of Nature

In class this week we learned about product service systems and also had Erin come and talk to us about biomimicry. I was really intrigued with how biomimicry had been functioning in a way to help interior designers better construct building based off of the way the natural life is formed. Understanding how these building are ultimately trying to be designed to mimic nature is very effective and useful. There has been multiple projects that our guest speaker brought up concerning how these items are not only sustainable but have a better quality of life for what they recreate using nature to recreate interior forms.

When I first read about biomimicry a couple weeks ago I thought it was so interesting and a new idea and element to sustainable concepts that I had not thought of before, but when we had the guest speaker come and talk I really learned about her passion for biomimicry and saw the many opportunities that she has had within this project field and how she has started a team who works with her in conducting workshops in Costa Rica and now there are seminars offered online to get experience and extended knowledge about biomimicry. Although this was not an epiphany, I learned a lot about the usefulness of biomimicry and the way that is used, formulated and processed into becoming a recreated item.

Knowing what I know now, I would like to know more instances where items have been recreated based on the natural form in fashion. I would like to know if we have created any fibers based off of natural fibers and if that counts toward being sustainable or if that isn’t considered sustainable because of the dyeing and chemicals.

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