Re-design for Change

This week I learned what kind of sustainable products can do for the environment and different ways we can use our surroundings to help with production and overall distribution of products. When I go shopping at any high-end retail store they give you a bag of your merchandise that is wrapped and usually has tissue paper coming out of the top. I wonder to myself every time…what is necessary about all the excess tissue paper (besides the presentation of course). I arrive home with my bag and as I un-wrap my merchandise every time I throw all of the tissue paper away. In what ways can we keep the presentation of the merchandise but cut down on all of the excess paper and waste that goes into it? This is what biomimcry is all about finding alternative ways of doing things that cause less waste overall. The purpose is to use the eco-system properties and dynamics to help give direction and an overall arching sustainable perspective that many people do not see on a daily basis.

I love how big box companies such as “Nike” are taking the initiative to help make their brand more sustainable. In a video that we watched this week we learned how there are coming up with new and innovative ways of making their supply chain cleaner and more productive. I believe if more of our top brands would get on board with these sustainable issues we wouldn’t have to face a lot of the issues that we face.

I found that the reading “Sustainable product-service system,” to be very interesting in the fact that the concept is to implement a product-service system that uses creative thinking to reduce environmental impact factors by tremendous amounts. I believe that this system could work if everyone company was to get on board, but with that it will be highly expensive and not everyone will jump on the bandwagon just because it sounds like a good idea. I believe this system would spread awareness to all of the environmental issues form global climate change to local waste disposal. If people knew what existing issues we have concerning the environment I believe they would be more inclined to change their ways.

My epiphany for this week is that I am taking all of the material that I have learned so far from this class and actually coming up with ways that I can implement in my life to become less wasteful and to use my resources to their full advantage. I love how this class has opened my mind to other alternatives of doing certain things then just traditional ways or ways that are easy. By taking my time and putting more effort in I will be able to make my future more sustainable.

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