Using Nature at its Finest

In this weeks readings we learned about material diversity and sustainable product services and how these items are used in the apparel industry. In the first reading Material Diversity talked about how cotton and polyester are the most used fibers. With using organic fibers will lesson the use of pesticides and water. In reading how using other fibers can be better for the environment I know I also have to consider the product life cycles, cultivation, production, manufacturing, distribution, consumer laundering, reuse and final disposal. I love watching the video with Nike and how they are moving towards a more sustainable approach with the soles of their Nike shoes. It is nice to know that retail industries are noticing the problems and are working towards a better way to make material items more sustainable. In the product systems reading caught my attention on how empathic component that is designed around the consumer involvement in the design process of textile production. This has got me thinking because the apparel industry is producing goods for fast fashion that has a short-term goal. Just cause fashion goes in and out of each season. This has got me thinking because of the challenges discussed with PSS and requires a shift in thinking from short term to long term. This makes it hard because the apparel industry is focused on producing fast fashion, which intergrades a short-term goal. With both reading it has brought more insight of what I can do as being a merchandiser with impacting the industry with incorporating the benefits of sustainable design. I want to know more on how merchandisers and apparel designers will use these sustainable design concepts in the way they see the apparel industry.

With listening to the speaker Erin Leitch over Bio mimicry really got me interested on how we can use nature at its best to create and solve solutions daily. By hearing how a cosmetics company is using Bio mimicry in a natural way to create make up that protects the skin from UV rays is very fascinating to me. I want to learn more on how Bio mimicry can be apply to the retail industry. I truly believe the fashion industry could have more sustainable approaches on a daily basis to help the environment.

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