When I first got into this class I was unaware of the term sustainability. But as the semester went on I came to realize that the question really is how can I become sustainable? Through my journey I have learned the many different ways I can become sustainable. I learned how to become more environmentally conscious in my everyday life.

Throughout this course I have learned many valuable things that I will carry with me throughout life and my career in the fashion industry. Sustainability means to know about renewable resources and how everything I do impacts the environment in one way or another. Sustainable design comes from using renewable resources instead of using resources one time and then being done with them. It allows the materials to be recycled, renewed or reused in different ways. From the beginning of the semester I thought sustainability was just going green in every aspect from building buildings to manufacturers in the design industry but it goes far beyond that concept. I learned that sustainability starts from the very beginning and goes into every aspect of designing. It has to do with materials, the way products are made and so on.

Looking back on my journey with sustainability I have learned more than I have ever anticipated. With the start of this sustainability class we dealt with two concepts the social perspectives and the environmental perspectives. We spent more time on the social perspectives so I felt as if I learned more about this aspect more than anything. I think my favorite part of this semester was learning about the empathy and product attachment. Empathy to me is having an emotional attachment to an item or product and no matter how that product was produced it is attached to me in some way shape or form or I would have not bothered to buy it in the first place. Product attachment is being able to own a particular item or piece of clothing and being able to make memories with that item. I have items in my closet that I am not willing to get rid of just for that reason it has sentimental value to me and I cannot just throw it away and part with it. With that said I feel that empathy and product attachment go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other. For me I have learned from this class proper ways to dispose of items that I no longer want with the reuse, recycle or repurpose idea.

The epiphanies that I am going to take away from this course and all the material we have covered is to be more aware of where my products come from and how things are manufactured. I want my items to be made with durability and last longer and not just for a one time use kind of thing. The usefulness and relevance of this semester has taught me to be more conscious of the things I purchase. I have become more aware of the industry and how they want to make their companies become more sustainable so they will be around for the long haul. With the LOLA shows that went on throughout the semester it gave me an in-depth perspective of the industry itself and how companies use the perspectives we learn to help make their company grow and better themselves.

Overall, I really loved this course and all that it had to offer. I would have loved to learn more about industrial ecology and more of the environmental perspective part of this course. I felt as if more time was spent on the social perspective then the environmental perspective. So moving forward I will be doing more research and try and find ways that being in the fashion industry can be more sustainable. I want to find ways to help the industry come up with new ways to use renewable resources and lower air and water pollution. I would love to find ways to make becoming sustainable cheaper so that everyone would be on board and not just the rich that have money to spend. I think if the resources came to use in a cheaper way more people would jump on the bandwagon and make our future brighter. So for me learning more and more about being sustainable or sustainable design starts with wanting to be aware and if we are aware then we want to make a change. With making a change anything is possible.

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