“Ah-HA!” or “UH-OH”……

          Since epiphany is defined as an “ah-ha” moment, I can’t say that my response was similar after the information I was introduced to this week. I had more of an “uh-oh” moment! Watching the 11th Hour was quite scary. I had a minuet understanding of the environmental issues taking place in today’s society, but not to this extent. We are killing our planet—and have known this for quite some time. It blows my mind to see the research that is available on our deathly impact on our world, yet it is pushed in the corner. To be honest, I’m scared for our near future if Generation Y does not quickly stand to make the change. Luckily, in interior design, the LEED System is established and fashionable. The LEED Rating System, and green design is vastly growing in the interior design market. Companies are grooming their images to include a sense of environmental awareness to further appeal to Generation Y. It seems everyone is wanting to be seen as environmentally-conscious—YAY! Being a licensed designer is crucial for the knowledge required to specify this way of designing; which lucky for us, we will soon be!

In the reading of Easter Island, I hastily found myself comparing their dying society to ours. The clan’s self-indulgent tendencies, can easily parallel to America’s. The tribes lived in constant comparison and competition. The people of Easter Island, took, took, and took from their resources—paying zero attention to the shortages to come. Or perhaps thought their stone carvings would bring them luck, or save them. Unfortunately that didn’t work out for them too well. Our world today similarly puts their faith in money, in material possessions. I am regrettably guilty myself. After reading Easter Island, and then Environmentally Healthy Interior Design, I was not so disheartened. Although we are at fault, and were in, what seemed to be a downward spiral—I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel! The LEED Rating System’s current, and ongoing success has given me peace. We are slowly, and humbly taking steps towards a more environmentally-friendly future; and I am proud to say I am a part of it recently receiving my LEED Green Associate accreditation.

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2 Responses to “Ah-HA!” or “UH-OH”……

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    Congrats on your GA accreditation! What is it about the LEED system that better ensures sustainability? I get that it is a marketing benefit, but what else? Make sure you’re critiquing points/arguments from the reading, pulling out specific points that are relevant to you and discussing them here.

  2. Richard Farr says:

    Well said. I worry about habitat destruction most of all, I think… but with climate change comes still more habitat destruction. I appreciate that earlier generations had their own challenges to contend with, like diseases or fascism, but it certainly does feel as though we’re heading into very great peril. Some of the professionals I’ve spoken to seek the ‘big fixes’ while others focus on small, near-term improvements. Perhaps we need both: small improvements such as energy efficiency, to buy time to make the big changes. That would be like the Easter Islanders finding ways to use less wood… but they still need to give the forests time to recover.

    Failing that, there’s always cannibalism…

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