Evaluation is the Key to Success

Instead of this week being an epiphany for me it was more about evaluation. Evaluating how I am generating waste into the world, how I am a cause in this spiral of events. I am as big of apart of what is happening in the world as most. I never think about where the trash I throw away is going, or how shopping for the latest fashions will have an impact on the world. Instead of thinking about what I could be doing I was just buying as I wanted, or needed. As I thought about all of this I realized, I need to evaluate how I could fix these issues, and what steps to take. Steps include not going out and purchasing unneeded items when I just want something, also by choosing to recycle. These are just a couple steps that could head in the right direction, and help with the environment.

The world tends to have a way of cycling to make sure the population stays down. Starting with the dinosaurs getting over populated the earth cycled and then once the population was back down the earth has populated again. Also, as seen as an island was becoming to populate, and with no thoughts of the environment in mind the population they used all of their resources. With all the resources used the people all died and another small cycle happened. I think this will happen again if the population gets to big the world cannot handle it, and especially if we continue to use the resources the way we do. After watching the 11th hour it was an eye opener on everything humans are doing to make the cause worse around the world especially larger companies. Our government seems to be looking the other way when when it comes to large companies. I have to evaluate my life and how I can change day to day parts to help along with, larger companies need to, and everyone else.

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