Life as we know it…for now

Looking at the big picture is a phrase that I hear all the time and I think most everyone is familiar with it. The thing is, I have a difficult time thinking that way, because when I think about the big picture I’m automatically overwhelmed and it’s almost impossible for me to get anything done. The way that I have come to succeed in getting through school, work, and life in general is by breaking things down into parts. Small is the new big, a line out of Paul Bennett’s TED talk is how my epiphany came to be, that maybe, just maybe, I could accomplish my life goals and not be seen as one of the few, perhaps introverted people, who are scared of the big world in front of them.

Taking things in smaller pieces is easier for probably most people but I think in our culture the big picture is emphasized more and so the people who can work that way see it as normal. Thus, my epiphany of the small being just as important if not more than the big is relevant because our society doesn’t see it that way currently. For example, grades, GPA’s, and degrees are more important when getting a job than passion to learn or other minor experience. My cousin would love to get a job in the organization field but whenever she fills out job applications all they ever seem to see is the big picture, how she doesn’t have a degree in anything related and the fact that she has experience in medical filing which she doesn’t want to work in. However, she is having little luck in finding a job period so she might be stuck in a dead in job just because the big system doesn’t see the small things that she has going for her like her amazing sense of humor and how hard working she is. Seriously, she always has a positive outlook on life and is determined to live her dreams, which should have more of an impact than it does. This epiphany is useful because when people are more aware of the small things it could change how things are for people everywhere.

Empathic design is personal. I liked reading about empathic design especially since it’s an entirely new concept to me. When I think of how I live I like things to be customized, like my bedroom and clothing so that it reflects me, empathic design in both clothing, buildings, and more makes a lot of sense and is relevant and useful because the way things are now with classrooms that are boring colors and buildings that are not made to look nice are a reflection of the society we live in.

The studies on empathic design discussed by Nilnimaki and Koskinen were interesting and I really thought the in class discussions about the oldest item we had in relation to how much it meant to us was fascinating and useful.

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