Human Needs Categorized

This week one of the articles we had to read was the Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change. This article discussed the human needs in nine categories. Each category has a unique part to it that the brain could relay to. I found it interesting that most everything that a human wants or needs could be put into one of these categories. I never believed that we could categorize the human needs into small categories. After reading the groups I felt I could relate to each of the categories, however, some of the categories I could relate to more than others. These groups made me realize what is important in my life, but what if I made other groups just as important would I be happier?

In class we did an assignment where we rated how we felt about certain things in our life, and then which group they fell into after. I learned that I don’t feel as comfortable with my community around me, and I also tend to feel sometimes lonely in the life I live. However, I wonder if these ratings can really be considered because the only reason I chose to say I was lonely on one of the ratings is because I travel so much. Can we really consider this test as a reliable one when we do not know the circumstances of the person’s background? I only feel that I do not have a community around me, and lonely because I travel so much. I believe this would change if I were to be in a permanent area.

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