More Is Better?

The link above is one of my favorite TV commercials. AT&T nailed it with these commercials. The kids always have something cute and entertaining to say that usually sticks with you for the rest of the day. This particular commercial is called, “More is Better”. My attitude towards buying and spending tends to error on the side of excessive and reminds me of this little girl. In her famous words, “We want more, we want more, you really like it, you want more.” My thoughts exactly kid! Most of the time I do in fact, always want more. I never feel like I’m 100% satisfied when it comes to acquiring stuff. There’s always something bigger, better or newer. I started to think about all of the things that I had purchased within the last 6 months. It’s a little out of control. Then I started to think about all of the things that I’ve purchased within the last 6 months that I don’t even use anymore. Most of the things I’ve purchased are things that I don’t mind getting rid of. Can we say wasteful?
Fashion is ever changing, which as we’ve learned drives conspicuous consumption. I can’t help but stop to think that if I were more intentional with my purchases, I wouldn’t be so wasteful. I wouldn’t feel the need to constantly get rid of things that I had just purchased. I’ve always known that I was a consumer to the nth degree, but what I hadn’t noticed up until this point, was how wasteful this type of consumption is.
I really enjoyed the article we read for class on Tuesday titled, “Needs”. I also enjoyed getting into our learning communities to further discuss our basic needs and to categorize what type of need each particular situation fell into. This week’s wild thing seemed so much easier than the previous wild thing. In our class discussion Dr. Armstrong asked if we thought it was harder to design with a specific need in mind and why. I said that I found it to be the opposite. It was so much easier to design something knowing the basic need that we were trying to fulfill. On some level we all experience basic needs, so we have some working knowledge of what it requires to fill that need. I think that if we approached shopping and designing more intentionally and thinking about needs on a deeper level, we would be much less wasteful and frivolous in our consumption. I feel like this is a huge leap coming from me. I’ve always just kind of written off the way I consume as, “part of who I am”. When Dr. Armstrong mentioned that in previous semesters they had student’s abstain from purchasing for an extended period of time, I realized how difficult that would be for me. Through further examination of the fulfillment of needs, I’ve realized how wasteful thoughtless consumption can be.

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    Great video!

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