Life as we Knew it

Without color my life would be utterly different. I live for colors in all different shades and hues, especially when I’m looking at new yarn to knit with. Just ask my mom, or any of my friends for that matter. So during the LOLA presentations the one on morphotex really jumped out at me. My experience with butterflies is slim to none however I have always appreciated their beauty because they seem so delicate and have such intricate patterns and colors on their wings. It’s fascinating to think that we could have clothing without pigment and simply rely on harnessing the power of the sun and creating beautiful colors from the sunlight reflecting on the fabric. For me, tie dye is one of my favorite things because of all the vibrant color and the way that the patterns are all so unique but unfortunately it requires quite a lot of extra water that is wasted and dye which can be harmful to the environment when it is no longer used for dyeing. I think it would be so incredible to have a piece of clothing that is so unique that it can change based on the sun and also be more environmentally conscious.

Exploring the carbon calculator was quite intriguing; It’s startling to see how much greenhouse gases the average American creates and the reasoning for why there’s too much CO2. Transportation is the most highest cause of greenhouse gases but I’m glad to see that my emissions are lower than the national average probably thanks probably to all the recycling I do in addition to the fact that I walk much more in college than at home. It’s obvious that to lower my carbon footprint I need to focus on using less energy at home.

Laundering my clothing is second nature to me, always has been. However, reading the article on the Life Cycle Approach made me realize that there is a lot of energy used while washing clothes and thus it’s the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases connected to apparel. This piece of information is key and everyone needs to be much more aware of this. It’s true I’ve seen a lot of appliances that are made to use less energy but until reading this article I didn’t know just how big of an issue that laundering is. I’m happy to learn that hand washing helps to at reduce, slightly, the carbon emissions because there are quite a few pieces of clothing I own that have to be hand washed based on of their fiber content. Clearly this information about the life cycle approach would benefit most anyone who read it and I know that I can actually make a difference, albeit a small one, just by being aware of carbon emissions caused by the apparel industry

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