No Excuses!

This week I learned that we have the resources to make completely sustainable fabrics, from the material to the dye; however, most companies do not use them. As we learned in one of the videos we watched this week, it is completely possible to make almost every color from a small amount of sustainable dyes, so why don’t we just use those? I think that either fabric companies do not realize the giant impact they are making on the Earth or they don’t care, which we should not tolerate as consumers.

Cradle to Cradle, by William McDonough and Micheal Braungart, taught me that it is possible for the textiles we use to be able to go back into the Earth without causing harm. I think we should strive to achieve this, but first producers of textiles and dyes must become knowledgeable on how this can be done.

We also learned that the majority of apparel is made out of only a few materials, but if we created more material diversity we would be able to allow more environmentally fabrics to flourish. Sustainable Fashion and Textiles, by Kate Fletcher, enlightened us on all the more environmentally friendly alternatives that can be used as well as all the benefits that come from various fabrics being used more often.

With this information out there, our apparel should be far more sustainable than it is today. I believe that it starts with making humans emotionally aware of the impacts we are having on the Earth by not using these friendly alternatives. It is quite possible to make almost any garment environmentally friendly so it is impossible to use the excuse that it cannot be done.

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  1. Hi, I think consumers are in particular the problem and society in general. As consumers, we always find the way to consume more, we are not satisfy with what we have. And basically this is a behavior that goes and goes because we have this social comparison among others [i.e. she has that dress, he has this car, etc]. This behavioral patterns make us buy either for hedonic or utilitarian needs. And we are suppose to be a more informed society that makes rational decision over our purchases. And we don’t.
    As you mention, there is no excuse not to buy eco-friendly products. But the point is, are we ready to shift our behavior?

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