Worm Poop and Landfill Backyards

Waste = Food. That concept didn’t sound appealing to me right off the bat. My mind went straight to the thought of worms that eat dirt and poop dirt, then eat it again. Gross. As I dove into the reading by McDonough and Braungart I became extremely interested in the concept of waste being food. The thought that in nature there is no such thing as waste is fascinating and should be adopted into the society we have created. As we continue to observe the cradle to cradle effect and find biological and technical nutrients and uses for the waste we create, we are helping the earth become a better place to live for all living things. Although most items can be recycled and used to make other things or help in the creation of another product or lifecycle, there are unfortunately the items known as “monstrous hybrids” that cannot be salvaged after use. Monstrous hybrids are the only items that should be piled up in landfills and product graveyards, but for everything else, there is a use. If people took some time to realize that living a sustainable lifestyle and caring for our earth is more than just recycling and drinking water from the tap instead of from bottles, our world would not be so cluttered with trash and stuff that are slowly but surely taking over our land and living space. People need to put more time and thought into the products they are using and consuming and using the waste from those as food for other things. If everyone did this, the crisis of overflowing landfills would be immensely reduced. My dad always complains about the landfill on the east side of Stillwater. The landfill is right across from a newer housing addition and he doesn’t understand the concept of building houses that have a front porch view of a big pile of trash. I agree with him. If our consumption habits don’t change, if we don’t begin to use the waste = food concept, that trash pile is going to continue to grow. Also, if people continue to reproduce, more houses will have to be built to accommodate for more people. What happens then? Do we begin to build houses on the landfill? Does the landfill become our backyard? Just some food for thought… see what I did there?

Serious thought needs to be put into how people are living their lives today, what they are dong with their trash, and how they are choosing to create a better atmosphere for all current living things and things in the future. The aspect of cradle to cradle and waste = food in the article by McDonough and Braungart really caught my attention and should be shared with everyone so that maybe people will rethink some of their choices and make some positive lifestyle changes. The reading was easy to comprehend and was full of information and insight. I would highly recommend this article to my friends and family members to also encourage them to live a more sustainable lifestyle and to find a use for their wasted items that can be given a second life.

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