Oh So Totally Clueless

I knew absolutely NOTHING about the LEED system (other than it’s a system that interior designers use to be sustainable…obviously!), but the movie, The Greening of Southie, gave me a lot more insight about how the LEED system actually works.  Not only was the film entertaining, but I learned a lot.  I thought the “green building” was so cool and full of modern design.  The ideas that people have came up with to be more sustainable are incredible.  I especially liked the way they recycled and reused the rain/natural water and the dual toilet system!  I feel like the company had great ideas, but they obviously had a hard time following through with some of them, i.e. the green roof and bamboo floors.  I’m still a little confused as to how the point system works.   What makes a feature worth 2 points compared to another worth 1? I also thought it was hilarious that the community of Southie had no understanding of sustainability at all.  I at least knew the basics before entering this course, but these people had no clue what was going on! I think it’s sad that some people are completely oblivious to what it would be like living a sustainable life.  I feel like they would have been more open to the green building and a green way of life if they would have been exposed to this concept more frequently.  Overall, I think this documentary was great.  It taught me about the basic concepts of the LEED system and it also proved that we all need a little more awareness about being sustainable.

The article about labeling was also very insightful.  There are so many ecological and social issues that go on behind the scenes that many people are not aware of.  I didn’t realize there were as many issues as there are with labeling.  First off, I think off, as a consumer, if I knew where products were coming from and who was actually making them, it would determine whether I bought it or not.  If people knew that child labor was involved or harsh chemicals were applied to their clothing, they probably wouldn’t purchase these products either.  The problem with this is that companies can put whatever they want on their labels and it wouldn’t be regulated.  This is an absolutely ridiculous concept that is just hard to understand.  I would hope one day our planet can be both ecologically and socially responsible!

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