So, What’s Next?

The semester is almost over and things are piling up for me but writing this blog post is actually a relief because it’s one more thing done. Throughout the semester I learned all about sustainability but until today when we discussed how we defined it at the beginning of the semester and how I think about it now I didn’t remember just how far I’ve come. Before taking this class I had always thought of sustainability in terms of recycling and could only picture dresses made of plastic bags or reselling garments so that they didn’t go by the wayside immediately. Sustainability and sustainable design is all about the process of creating or dreaming something up that flows with the environment around us. If we can use the processes that nature already provides us with then we can make designs that last longer and benefit everyone involved. Sustainability is not just about the materials used to create but is about the thought going into a design or concept.

All the readings and class discussions that I remember from this class most vividly all seem to hinge around one thing, biomimicry. I still remember learning about biomimicry for the first time and a light bulb blinking above my head, imaginary of course, because it made so much sense and was easy for me to understand and convincing enough that I loved looking at the website because anything you clicked on led to a new story that was fascinating and inspirational. The fact that you someone was already capitalizing on fabric that displayed beautiful changing colors without actually using pigment quite literally blew my mind. Biomimicry allows designers to create things using natures cheat codes. I did my LOLA show on biomimicry and it was extremely exciting to see that someone had made a shoe prototype based off of bone structure, I mean, really? Yet, bird skull shoes prototype manage to look really awesome, though I can imagine some would see it as freaky as you’re wearing shoes that look like bones, but nonetheless. I do love Halloween, maybe that’s why…? Anyway, biomimicry has really impacted me positively and I know that I will always remember it and keep my eyes open for a chance to help create something wonderful and sustainable!

I would like to explore biomimicry more in depth as well as maybe touching base more with empathic design so that I may better understand things like the attachment produced by clothing that is designed successfully. Having a better understanding of concepts that I had a difficult time grasping would mostly likely benefit my future in general as well as my career. During this class we explored quite a lot of things and I really can’t imagine what we could have missed learning about and I honestly feel as though I have a pretty solid background in sustainability now which is good because I certainly talk to my parents about it as though I were an expert. This class has been a rollercoaster and luckily not an upside down one, once is good enough for me, so I can happily say what’s next?

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  1. ninahancer says:

    I am very happy that you feel more confident about the meaning and content for sustainability. I totally agree with you about biomimicry. To see how nature found solutions for possible problems was amazing. A very small insect can restore energy in its tiny body and use it when is needed. That’s stunning. Can you please share an example of biomimicry that you can use in your own field?


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