Thinking outside of my “sustainability box”

This week the apparel design and merchandising students were required to read an article titled “Fashioning Sustainability”. I found this article to be the most directly related to my field of study and I found myself thinking about the article outside of our sustainability class. As the article explained, the amount of harmful waste and chemicals that are produced by just the production of cotton alone affects not only the producers and manufacturers but also the environment from which the cotton is picked. Coincidentally, later that afternoon I was given an assignment in my Quality Analysis class that required us to develop a new fabric using either natural or manufactured fibers. I began to think of what fibers I could use that are natural and eco-friendly. I decided to combine banana, pineapple and silk fibers to create a woven fabric. The fabric would have a luster that would make the fabric look expensive and formal while still being sustainable. If I had not read the “Fashioning Sustainability” article I probably would not have wanted to create a natural, eco-friendly fabric. The article allowed me to think outside of my “ sustainability box” and helped me to be creative and innovative.

Along with the “Fashioning Sustainability” article, we read an article about Easter Island and how the civilization crumbled when they ran out of resources. Before reading the article I knew little of Easter Island and really enjoyed the article. It was really interesting and I liked how the article made a connection between the ancient civilization and today’s society. Easter Island is a foreshadowing of what will happen to the whole planet if we do not become aware of how our actions are hurting the earth. We must make changes towards becoming more sustainable.

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