Easter Island

Within class this week we discussed the article we read discussing Easter Island—and what ultimately lead to the society that existed there to collapse. Personally I believe that the most striking aspect about the article is that the author reveals that the Polynesians who made a living there were considered advanced—many of their statues that they built were placed specifically to engage with the alignment of the stars. These were brilliant individuals—but the destruction that awaited them seemed to pass by undetected. These people lived in a way that provided emphasis on the here and now, not the “what if’s” of tomorrow. To build these giant statues many believe they may have used the bases of the Island’s trees to roll large pieces of stone into its designated place. It is possible that over time their efforts resulted within the bareness of their land—rather than valuing their natural resources they used them up—the way they lived resulted in a domino effect. Over time, the options that the society had for food were decreased to just a few items— and the population dwindled.

This article truly has made me think about the very real possibility that this could happen to our entire World over time. We will not become like Easter Island tomorrow, but even though the need is not great today—there is no telling what the need will be years to come. I wouldn’t say that living a sustainable lifestyle is comfortable or attractive to the average person. Living wisely in relation to sustainability takes extra effort, creativity, and control. We are very similar to those who dwelt on Easter Island who wanted to live for the present and use all that we can today to build great things for ourselves. We also, like the Polynesians are advanced humans—lets not allow ourselves to live selfishly not looking out for those who will come after us.

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