Sustainability Week 2

On the first day of this course, we were asked to define sustainability and explain how it pertains to our specific area of study. It seems like a fairly easy question, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wasn’t all that familiar with the topic. That being said, one of my major takeaways from this week was how crucial sustainability is to my degree field. The more knowledgeable I am about sustainability, the better off the clothing industry will be. I will be able to share what I learned in the course and hopefully be able to make some sort of a difference in the clothing industry.

The article, “Fashioning Sustainability”, talked about all of the different sustainability challenges in the clothing industry today. One of these challenges is how fashion consumption is the main cause for a lack of sustainability in the industry. Since there is an increasing number of fashion items that we buy, there is also an increasing number of clothes that we dispose of. The article also listed solutions to these problems. By raising awareness about these problems, there is a greater chance that change will be made to improve these conditions.

An epiphany I had this week was how change can start on any level. No matter how big or how small an idea, it has the ability to make a difference. It’s almost like a ripple effect how something small can have a bigger affect than ever imagined.

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