Future Consciousness

Looking back on the article that we discussed this week was “Thinking Ahead: The Value of Future Consciousness” by Tom Lombardo, that’s how we know how our future plays in our critical thinking, actions, success, and failure in our life. Future consciousness is the total set of psychological abilities, processes, experiences that human use to understand and deal with the future. We always imagine what our future will look like and our imagination brings us to the vision where we use our creativity to think about our future. Relates to the sustainability, it helps us to think how we create a better sustainable life in the next five or ten years. It relates to the way we’re thinking and deciding something before we act. We envision the short-term and long-term goal in addition to make a plan. I do have future consciousness thinking, so I can imagine what will happen in the future. My imagination always works wherever and whenever I have assignment or school work. As long I have a positive mind and creative, then my imagination will show it to me about the future. For example as an apparel design student, thinking of how to reduce the amount of fabric-use rather than keep producing another yards of fabric. I would say maybe I should recycle and reused the fabric, so it wouldn’t waste. Besides, I can also make something else besides apparel from that recycle fabric. Then, at least it would help the world to be more sustainable without having industry produce more fabrics.  Also, it would save amounts of money for the consumer and reduce the chemical use. I know it wouldn’t be that easy to do that, but at least we have to start from somewhere. Sometimes, I do have struggles to decide whether I should do or shouldn’t even I already imagine what the result is. But my imagination also helped me think more deeply and carefully, rather than just decide quickly. Lombardo said,” A person can’t be wise without a strong sense of the future”, it’s because we decide our future and our future would show how wise we are to make a decision.

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