Is this going useful or practically, will it be sustainable? Many times in design we have the tendency to focus so much on the end use that we don’t give enough creative thought for our future designs. We let the practical and what has been already done limit our creative juice. Yes, our end use should be practical but lets give our users a reason to need a new kind of practical. This week after discussing paradigm shifts I had a moment of realization that the shift can start from anywhere. I think that it is so important that it does start with individuals that hold the buying power, but even more important to start with us… the designers.

Within the article “Looking at the Future through a Cartoonist’s Eyes, by Steven M. Johnson, we see his designs that our definitely outside-of-the box for 1974. He wasn’t considered if people one day would or would not create his product, he simply was being creative. Johnson was just think futuristic and being creative. Learning this I think it would be incredible to take time and brainstorm how to fashion out of ingenuity ideas for the future with no boundaries. Then if we do have an idea that could shape the way the consumers see the future and sustainability let us act! We must then do everything we can to be sustainable form the planning, production, and packaging, to retailing to avoid the other end of the spectrum where we produce without a care or purpose.

The greatest concerns for thinking outside the box is that we start producing to produce ‘cool’ things which, truly are not useful after a few months our years. Thinking about our society now most of us in the U.S. have the paradigm of the ‘Titanistad.’ Even though we do not want to admit to this it is true. So as users and buys let us shift our paradigm to investing or reusing sustainable products. And as Designers let us not limit our imagination but let us color outside the lines of the box.

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