Empathic Design

This week while talking about Empathic Design, my eyes were opened up to a new form of sustainability. Empathic Design, in terms of sustainability, is needed to be able to step into the future and imagine a new world. We have to rethink our environment and how to protect it.

Future generations will have needs that we don’t yet understand. It is our job to use empathic design to be able to step into the future and design for a better world. I have never thought about taking this approach to designing sustainability. However, now I know that this is a possibility, and we all have the tools at hand to be able to think outside of the box and develop products (interior or apparel) that help prolong the life cycle of our environment. By becoming “futurists” we can see into tomorrow and design a better future (preferably one where we are not surrounded by mounds of trash like Wall-E).

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