Future Consciousness

This week in class revolved around the idea of the future and how sustainability will be affected. It was brought to my attention that we not only need to be thinking about how our actions today will affect the future, but also different possibilities about what the future might entail.

In the article “Abandoning Ship Titanistad”, Jim Tull introduced an interesting comparison between the world we live in and the Titanic. Although I found this article to be a bit extreme, I did agree with the main themes that ran throughout it. Tull talked about how the world, or the “Titanistad World”, is sinking fast by the weight of its systemic gluttony and how it’s appetite is no longer supported by Earth’s resources. We are continuing to take and take from the Earth without ever giving back or changes our ways to be more sustainable, and this type of behavior will not be able to continue forever. Just like how the Titanic had unsurpassable high life on the upper decks that was supported by the exploitation of the lower decks, the world’s inhabitants also live a very lavish lifestyle thanks to the resources provided to us. As the Titanic’s lower decks were hit by the iceberg, the damage eventually continued up all of the decks on the ship until it eventually sank to the bottom of the ocean. This is similar to what might possibly happen if we continue to treat the Earth like we are now.

It is important to think of both the positive and negative possibilities for the future to help spread awareness about sustainability and it’s importance to life on earth. By studying the future like in the article “Looking at the Future through a Cartoonist’s Eyes”, we gain future insights and can motivate others to make change now for a better future.

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