Looking Through The Future From The Eyes Of A Cartoonist

The three points in this article that stood out to me were that this man did not even know about this talent he had until he was in his thirties. Another interesting thing was his different processes for planning, and he was times “semi-asleep”. Lastly, it was impressive how his idea for the “screen-image-viewing glasses” was about twenty-one years before Google Glass so similar! Something that I really liked about the article was that Johnson discovered that he was a futurist by doing something he was passionate for—drawing cartoons and sketches. I feel like this article relates to my field of study because in the apparel industry whether it be in designing, or buying, we need to be thinking two steps ahead. Creative thinking is key to coming up with new looks and styles. In this industry, forecasting new trends for the future is very important and also looking for new trends in the economic aspect of the country.

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