Slowly but surely becoming more sustainable…

Unlike last week, I did not have an epiphany this week relating to sustainability. I did however think about my everyday life and what I do that contributes to becoming more sustainable. The only daily activity that I do is walk or ride my bike to class. To become more sustainable I am going to try recycling my old clothing when cleaning out my closet.

My biggest takeaway from this week’s readings was the article we read titled “Abandoning Ship Titanistad.” I liked how the article used such a well known subject (the Titanic) to explain the importance of becoming more sustainable. In the article the author, Jim Tull, explains how the “lifeboats” symbolize the small, sustainable economic networks in today society. The networks are the only things that will be able to survive. As an apparel designer I can help to create a sustainable network by making eco-friendly products. I did not like how the article told us of our impending doom but did not offer any suggestions to become more sustainable.

We also read an article titled “Looking at the future through a cartoonist’s eyes.” I enjoyed reading this article because I liked reading about Steven M. Johnson’s creative and innovative ideas. It was cool to look at his doodles and the fact that he has no limits when sketching new products. It has inspired me to become a more creative thinker. I am going to try brainstorming in different ways in the hopes that my creativity will flourish.

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