The Future Cartoonist

The article featuring the cartoonist talked about the importance of creativity in design and how it  can help shape tomorrows world. This article got me thinking about something i heard about not to long ago. A growing trend is becoming the “unplugged” classroom. Many parents are sending their children to these schools and a number of these parents work in the tech industry. Steve jobs for instance enrolled his kids in an unplugged academy. The idea behind these schools is almost to simple .he use chalkboards and number 2 pencils just as our parents did. The reason behind this is that tech devices such as the iPad can increase developmental disorders related to ADD and autism to name a few. These type of schools also teach the student to use physical tools to solve problems instead of technological tools. And these unplugged schools make me think that perhaps they will be the “Future Cartoonist” of their generation and leading me to think more parents should look into these schools.

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