The New Conventional Thinking

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

Sir Ken Robinson

Sustainability is not always the conventional way of thinking. Our society is facing a schism; creating sustainable practices for a better future or continuing on the path of waste and destruction. If we want to solve this global problem, we must throw out the old way of thinking and foster new perspectives on sustainability and our environment today.

Creating a new way of thinking means creating a paradigm shift for the masses. Most people cannot relate to the state of decline of our limited resources, therefore feel no concern for the unsustainable practices they follow. What we as designers and innovators must do is create a vision of a paradise to strive for that is greater than the alternative (destruction of our ecosystem).

Collaborating with experts of other professions generates nonconventional ideas and solutions to our sustainability stagnation. It is a way of coming up with outlandish ideas across all industries, which can be whittled down and formed into methods of sustainable practices that can become the new conventional way of thinking.

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