Thinking of the Future in a Positive Way

The future is a topic that brings up so many questions and concerns. Last week in class I enjoyed the assignment we did between our communities. So many ideas were brought up about how we could be more sustainable in the world. It was fun to think way out of the box and hear other student’s ideas. The article “Abandoning Ship” was pretty intense, but it also put it in perspective of what could possibly happen. People and even celebrities have been discussing sustainability and how we need to change for a while now. I do not think a lot of people see what could actually happen. It is up to our generation to really try to change things.
After reading the articles from this week it made me realize that yes we do need to change but they do not have to be major changes to affect the world. If everyone starts to contribute in certain ways it could really have effect on how we are living now. I think that people are getting better about being more sustainable and that if we are less pessimistic about would could happen, we can grow from this and help make the world a healthier place to live.

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