Sustaining our Environment & Economy

At what point does emotional attachment to an object become detrimental?

Sustainability necessitates creating a durable and lasting product that the consumer will want to use for a long time. However, just focusing on emotional attachment, and not usability, of a product creates waste. If we have closets full of old items that we just can’t seem to get rid of, are we classified as hoarders?

Society today is faced with a conflict: if we continue on in our consumption driven culture, we will continue on in an unsustainable environment and perhaps ruin our ecosystem, however, if we create everlasting products, our economy will feel the disastrous effects. So how do we combat these issues?

Perhaps one way we can maintain the environment as well as our economy is to provide sustainable and durable products, but offer usability services for the products. Instead of creating the planned obsolescence of products, we can develop usable lifetime products, and the company can offer repair services or recycle services for additional monetary gains. We as designers can prevent this depletion of our resources and economy, we just need a little creativity.

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