What I learned this week

This weekend I began working for a packaging and shipping company in Mustang, Oklahoma in order to make money for spring break. I am in charge of cleaning out old documents from their filing room that are dated 2007 and prior. While the papers are going to be shredded and then recycled, I got to thinking about how much paper this company uses on a daily basis. I was clearing out documents from the 80’s, which resulted in 5 giant trash bags filled to the top with just paper documents. This company is small, but can you imagine the amount of paper used by big corporations? I think an easy, organized solution to this problem would be to use digital copies of all documents. If every company were to scan, download and save all of their important documents the amount of paper waste would be significantly reduced.

On a different note, in class last week we focused on articles that related to empathic design. Both articles we read explained the purpose of empathic design and it’s importance. I enjoyed reading about empathic design, however the articles were somewhat repetitive and lengthy. I also completed a design probe last week in order to better gauge my needs and daily activities. I enjoyed completing my probe but it was easy to forget about taking pictures throughout the day, which made my probe short and not very detailed. I now understand how design probes can be beneficial to designers when researching the needs of their target customers in order to create useful products.

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