Design Probes

This week, we were discussing about design probes related to emphatic design. Design probes is the technique or process that capture all the data and experience about customer, it’s also a tool to gather inspiration and information about overall their background on local cultures, people, environments, and their relationships. Designer uses the probes to know what customer’s experience about their life and interest. They use the information on the probes as a source of inspiration to know what the customer wants in order to design a better product. There are five phases of probes study that they use to conduct the information. First, they prepare and design the probes with the design team. Second, they collect the data about people’s experience. Third, they do the interpretations of the probes with question and answer produced. Fourth, they interview the users with the probes data. Last, the probes provide the visual material that can be as an inspiration for the designers to create some products. There is one interesting point that I found about design probes, which is interpreting the data information with using collages. Collage provides a quick visual summary about the user’s information. In the apparel design, I feel like collage has the similarities like customer profile board. Designer creates customer profile board to represent their target market information and show it to the buyers, starts from their interest, sensory experience, activities, clothes, food, color and etc. They use picture to get a better and easy concept of ideas. Pictures on the design probes give simple and understandable information to create good perceptions.

This week, we had to do our own design probes within 24-hour period. I had to upload what was my daily activities look like, what I ate, what I wore, and also what was my interesting experience. At class, we gather in a group and we got chance to evaluate different people’s probe. And one of the groups got my probes. They described my activities and interest perfectly, and also they designed the perfect cool phone apps to fill my needs. The design probes help them to see what I like and what would be the best product that suits me. I also feel that design probes would be really important before start designing a product for customer. It gave designer an overview and background of what people want, rather than just designing something they don’t like it, and it would be a waste. So, probes is a good start to create a product from customer’s visual data.

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