The main theme this week has been empathic design, and one way of designing empathically involves using a design probe. The design probe was a very interesting assignment, not just because I got to reflect on what I did that day, but I also got a taste of what a real design probe would entail. Design probes are important because as the reading from this week stated, “[it] creates dialogue between users and designers”. I realize that this was just an exercise but for this to be effective in the real world there would need to be some changes. It would probably need to be for at least a week in order to get a more accurate view of a person. One week seems like a lot to me personally, because I could barely remember to document things for 24 hours. However, many people are on Instagram and that’s basically one giant design probe! It also would be helpful to explain what the emojis meant because I know that I was confused with what some meant and some could have more than one meaning. The reading also said that collages were sometimes used in design probes which I think is a good idea. With a collage people are creating instead of documenting so there is an opportunity to look into their subconscious or to understand them on a deeper level. I think collages would also help with dishonesty on design probes because people may lie about what they did or present themselves in a certain way that is not typical for them. For example, I know that I waited until Friday to do my design probe because I knew I would be doing more interesting things that day. So, because they are not reporting what they did on the collage, it might make it more difficult to be dishonest.

We also made it through our first round of LOLA shows this week! They all did a great job, but I especially liked Karolyn’s because the kitchen of the future sounded really cool! But for me, even if I could afford it, I would wait and see if there were any bugs that needed to be fixed before I would purchase it. I’m still a little confused though because I thought the LOLA show was supposed to be set up like a talk show or something but perhaps the instructions changed? Hopefully, I’ll find out before it’s my turn to present!

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