Design Probes

During the Design Probes project this week, I learned a lot about co-designing. When the consumer is in charge of the probe, you only see what they want you to see, which are normally the most important pieces of their life. I noticed that when I was doing my own project, it was really hard to remember to photograph the small things I did during the day, but when I was doing something important to me, I remembered right away. While design probes can still be skewed many different ways, such as the user decides not to document something for any reason (they are embarrassed, they forgot, their picture wasn’t good enough), I still believe it is a great way to get some co-designing done. The designer can take a look into the biggest pieces of the consumers life, and figure out a way for they user can be more sustainable and possibly even easier. When our group was designing for our consumer, I found it really interesting taking what was important to her and producing a new product that she can use to make her life more sustainable. I also found the LOLA show really interesting this week. It was interesting to see all the different ways that companies have used empathic design and how each student sees empathic design. The one that I found most interesting was the one about the kitchen that was combined with social networking. I believe this was a great example of empathic design!

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