Design Probes

I really learned a lot this week after doing the Design Probes Package. I really didn’t know what a Design Probe was or how it would be helpful to designers before doing this project. After completing this project, I was more aware about what was going on in my life as well as what I thought was important to me.

A probe is an automatic recording instrument sent out to capture signals and samples from places where human researchers can’t go. In this specific project we used a camera to capture our daily activities. We also observed other student’s design probe packages. We observed (acquired the information) and interpreted (explained the meaning of the information) a different package and came up with a product to design for them. By looking into their day-to-day lifestyle, we could better come up with a product for them. By doing a design probe package, you can figure out stuff that they normally wouldn’t tell you. Learning all of this information about a person makes it really easy for a designer to better design a product specifically for them.

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