Design Probes

I had a lot of fun putting together the design probe from this past week. I was shocked to enjoy the assignment like i did. I think the main reason i enjoyed it so much is how much i learned about myself. It had never occurred to me how differently people’s lives are lived. Everyday, we wake up and make choices and experience things that help make us who we are. The design probes project really made the idea of “markets” real to me. Designing with a market in mind is so important–so that you know there is a customer out there who will love, be excited about, and be loyal to your brand or products. When designating which of my garments i wore during the day were my favorite i noticed that i always chose simple, classic pieces. Such as a plain black leather bag and a pair of grey ankle boots that i have had for three years now. There is definitely value in classic/ well made products that will last you years on end.

When doing this assignment I also was able to see how different people are in everything they do. Even two students, who are the same age, and go to the same college can be of different markets. This project encouraged me that there are continually going to be new and growing markets and products that will be sellable. The question is how do we make all of these markets and products more sustainable as well?

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