Experiences that Lead to Designs

Sometimes when we use the tools right before us, is when we can understand, create, and design to better enhance our consumers lives. Using our own lives as well as looking into another persons life we can see what drives our passions and what we purse during the day. I love the idea of the design probes because it really does allow us to look into each others lives and reflex on the things we use daily. And it is interesting to me how different each and one of our lives truly our from one-another. We all know that we are different, do different things, and use different things, but I don’t think we really understand until we reflect like this in the design probes. I don’t believe that we even take time to realize what we do that is dissimilar to those around us, we are so busy to get to one thing to the next all the while using, interacting, and consuming, that we don’t appreciate the beauty or the way things make us feel. So I really liked the design probes that allowed us to look at our lives for 24 hours, what we use, what we wear, what we ate; all the while recording how it impact us, why we use it, and how it made us feel. And from doing this I believe a designer with the passion to create could began brainstorming how to improve and make the things we use daily more sustainable, which I think is awesome. So I loved learning this and see what I use daily in my life and how to strive to become more sustainable.

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