Getting into the Consumer’s Mind

Design Probes were something that I did not know a lot about before this class. I had never thought about every single thing I did during the day, or how I could study what some one would like by seeing what they do all day. It made me start to realize what I could change to be more sustainable and not waste as much as I do. When we were looking at the design probes in class, it made me realize that I did not really know the person just from what they did that day though. I think the whole concept is great, it would just need to be more detailed for me to understand someone.
I love the idea of trying to understand someone to see exactly what kind of product he or she could use in their life. If people were to expand on that idea and create new and more sustainable things that could be a start to making the world a better place. If there are more sustainable options out there then that is when most people will start changing.
The L.O.L.A. shows were also very interesting. I loved each example of empathic design. They were all very different and showed new thoughts for sustainable ideas. It is all about understanding what the consumer wants and then making in a way that would create less waste for our planet. It is up to our generation to make something convenient and easily available that is also sustainable then that can start the effect of making it a better place to live.

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