Last week recap

I did not have an epiphany related to sustainability this week. Other than reading about sustainability and listening to the lectures in class I never really thought about sustainability, which sounds bad, but it’s true. It is difficult for me to constantly be aware of my actions and how they are related to sustainability but I hope this class will make me more aware. My biggest take away from last week was when we were given someone else’s design probe and had to design a product based on their probe. It was fun creating a story about this person and we had to rely on our creativity to create a product that would aid them in their everyday life. The activity helped me to better understand the purpose of design probes.

Along with the design probe activity we read an article that explained more in depth about probes. I thought the article was very informative but was repetitive and lengthy. However it helped me to learn a few new things about design probes. On Wednesday we had our first LOLA show. I enjoyed listening to the different learning communities present their articles/videos. The presentation that interested me the most was about the new kitchen that uses technologies to make cooking easier. I really liked the function that let you Skype or browse Pinterest while you’re cooking. It is unlikely that I would ever own such technologies because of their price, but it’s nice to fantasize about.

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