Needs and Wants

This week we discussed needs and wants. As people we often confuse what we actually need and what we just want. But….needs have changed since 1910. We have more options to things and now those might be considered a need. Needs may vary from person to person though. We rely heavily on computers to do our daily activities now, I for one think it would be very difficult to do many of my homework assignments without access to a computer so to me it is a need. To others, a computer may not be a need. Since we all may have different needs and wants, designers may find it difficult to do so.

The article discussed designing for human’s basic needs, like building an irrigation system, feeding the hungry, setting up a health care system. These all seem like very big projects to take on but definitely meet people’s needs.

Max-Neefe created the taxonomy of human needs, which stated that protection, freedom, and identity are just a few of our fundamental human needs.

Clothing is able to meet many needs we have, especially these three. The garment itself provides protection for the wearer, freedom because the wearer has the choice what to wear, and identity because we can express who we are through our clothes.

Any kind of clothes can meet these needs, but imagine wearing sustainable clothes that would meet your needs but also others needs. If your shirt was made out of organic cotton would you realize and appreciate that by wearing that shirt you may be helping to provide shelter and food to a farmer in the future. I believe as consumers, we would.

Designing clothes that meet peoples needs while also helping others needs is a great way to design for consumers needs and wants.

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