Needs vs wants

This week we discussed about the difference about human’s needs and wants. On the article, Max-Neef, developed a table that show fundamental human needs. It used to help him identify the wealth and poverties of the small communities in South America. We, as human, have a lot of needs in our life. But sometimes, we need to reflect back to our self, do we really need all of these. I know three important needs that play the biggest role in our life, which are food, clothes, and house. These are the fundamental of our needs. But also, we want more than what we have now. On the article, talking about “more is better”, so I feel like our needs never ending because people keep wanting something to fulfill their needs.  This is not something that really bad, but we just need to be more wisely about what we need and what we want.

As an apparel design student, these fundamental needs help me to see what the consumer really needs. Without only designing for one time occasion, it’s better to design for a long-term need. It will be a win-win situation for both sides, which are designer and consumer. Fashion industry contributes to the environmental and social degradation through pervasive advertising and short-term trends, then all of these links to the consumer’s life cycle needs. We need clothes as a protection and as an identification of ourselves. But fashion trends change every time. People buy clothes not because they need it but because they want it that time. For example, a girl went to the mall and saw this formal dress but the price was too expensive for her. She didn’t think too much about the price, but she knew that this dress stole her eyes at first, so she just bought that dress. She didn’t realize if she really needs that dress or she wants that dress. I feel like it would be a waste for her, because she didn’t think twice. She probably wants to wear that dress for one time occasion, but she doesn’t really need it. It happened to me as well, I feel like I have so many clothes that I didn’t even wear it again. I bought it because I want it that time but now it’s a waste. I have a lot of clothes than I thought and at the end either I could donate or re-model to something new. Even the trends change; it’s our mind that has to drive our needs.

This article reflects back to me how important is to know what our priority is. It’s also because I can’t just keep buying and buying more stuff without thinking what exactly I need. But I’m in the process of learning to know what I need and want.

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