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This past week we talked about and needs vs wants and how with design we can make people more comfortable.  One of the articles talked about how we should design with the consumer and how they will use the product in mind while also trying to be sustainable.

Needs and wants play a big role in how much waste we produce.  We always want to stay with what is new so we feel accepted with our peers, buying stuff we don’t actually need.    We do this without thinking of consequences like where will it end up or how making it affected the environment.  I know I have bought a lot of things that I didn’t need without thinking about how it got here or where it will go when I’m through with it.  I guess it is kind of easier to think of something you through away as just disappearing than it is to actually think about where it goes and how long it will take to decompose (if it actually will).

In one of the LOLA shows presented today they talked about Tonle, a brand that has zero waste.  They cut their patterns out and from the scrap they make new garments, accessories and even paper.  I thought this was super cool!

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