Habbits and Needs

This week we discussed wants and needs quite a bit.  A quiz was introduced that showed us how many resources we use, and after getting our results we were also informed on how are wants and uses correlate to our actual needs and how much we should be using.  This titled our use of resources Habbits.

I took this quiz thinking I would be pretty low on my use of resources wastefully, but my results shocked me a bit.  Where I thought I would be high I was low, and where I thought I would be low I was high.  This quiz and the resulting suggestions taught me a lot about the way I live my life and showed me I need to be more aware of what I’m doing.

Taking this quiz can be beneficial to anyone who cares about reducing their carbon footprint, or anyone who just wants to be aware of the resources and energy they are consuming.  I realized that even though I do not waste energy through cars or food, I do waste energy through lighting and my computer habits.

This quiz is also beneficial because of the suggestions that are offered after getting the results.  I learned some valuable information on how to reduce my energy use, like how much energy I could save by turning my laptop off rather than leaving it on standby, or by changing my light bulbs out from incandescent.

Wants versus needs is a pretty simple and commonly known concept, but it isn’t one that most people take into consideration through their actions when it comes to energy consumption. I didn’t use to think about things like my laptop being on standby when trying to conserve energy, but after taking the Habbits quiz and reading the suggestions I am now going to make conscious decisions to reduce my carbon footprint through my everyday actions.


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