Less Waste When Creating

Today in class I was extremely intrigued by the video that was shown about Tonle apparel. I was intrigued by how far they go to make sure they don’t have any waste within their company. I thought it was incredible how they even used the tiniest scraps of fabric and threads to create paper. It got me to thinking about how I can use what I perceive as “waste” in my own designs.

Not only does it contribute to the sustainability of the earth’s environment, it also serves as a design tool to help create new, innovative designs. The t-shirts that they made just from strips of scrap fabric was a beautiful new look to a classic closet staple.

With this new way of designing, the possibilities are endless. Not only can we make beautiful, lasting garments that will stand out among competitors, we can also make them without harming the environment by dumping large amounts of textile waste into our landfills.

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